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We are proud to announce the release of the brand new ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Schools Program! The Schools Program is for both Primary and Secondary students and is split into four units across six school terms which will delve into different aspects of cricket; such as self-care, enterprise and sport. Regardless of age, all participating students will have the opportunity to engage in an exciting, multi-dimensional approach to student-led learning.

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Are you a teacher looking for an inquiry-based, multi-dimensional learning plan for your class? The ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Schools Program does just this.

Click below to find lesson plans and extra resources featuring exclusive content that provides real-life insights into wellbeing, inspiring women and girls, and the sport of cricket.

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Are you passionate about cricket? Is your school participating in the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Schools Program? Click here to find resources to help you with in-class learning and at-home activities.

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Are you the parent of a child who is participating in the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Schools Program and would like to know more? Click below to discover what your child is learning in the class, and to see some tips on how you can support this learning at home.