‘T20 World Cup Trailblazers’ Competition

The ICC T20 World Cup 2020 team wants 2020 to be a year of inspiration!

The Inspiring Women and Girls Secondary School Competition, ‘T20 World Cup Trailblazers’, involves the creation of a campaign that will motivate and inspire other students around the country.

Students will create an innovative campaign that showcases an empowering and in- spirational figure. Participating classes will be expected to submit their campaign in the form of a PDF presentation. Students may choose to work in small groups or as a whole class when creating their campaign for the ‘T20 World Cup Trailblazers’ competition. Campaigns may be visual, auditory or interactive.

Some examples of how a campaign could be presented are listed below; however, students are encouraged to display creativity and innovation in the creation of their ‘T20 World Cup Trailblazers’ campaign.

  • Podcast
  • Blog / Vlog
  • Radio Advertisement
  • Television Advertisement
  • Visual Display
  • Auditory Resource / Storytelling or Music
  • Interactive Display
  • Clothing Design / Merchandise
  • Social Media Campaign

Each campaign must include the following:

  • A clear representation of a chosen inspirational figure that captures their essence.
  • Content that communicates and/or celebrates the significant achievements of their chosen inspirational figure and conveys how this has contributed to their legacy.
  • Content that shares the life, journey and unique qualities of their chosen inspirational figure.
  • Content that details any challenges that have been overcome by their chosen inspirational figure, including how their chosen inspirational figure has broken-down societal norms and expectations.
  • Rationale and justification for inclusion of this inspirational figure within the context of this project.
  • Full reference list must be included with campaign contribution.
  • The success criteria listed below should be addressed in full.


Competition closes on Monday, August 3rd, 2020.

All campaign entries must be submitted as a PDF via email to by Monday, August 3rd, 2020.

Please note: If your submission file size is over 25MB we recommend using a file transfer service, such as WeTransfer, to send us your submission.


Entries will be judged by the below members of the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 team according to the success criteria.

  • Nick Hockley, CEO – ICC T20 World Cup 2020
  • Nick Hulett, General Manager Media, Communications, Community – ICC T20 World Cup 2020
  • Elyse Villani – Australian Cricketer and Ambassador of the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Schools
  • Program
  • Steph Phelps – PR Manager, ICC T20 World Cup 2020
  • James Quarmby – National Schools Manager, Cricket Australia
  • Jane Moffat – National Female Participation Manager, Cricket Australia
  • Sunil Menon – Community Engagement Manager, ICC T20 World Cup 2020

Refer to the competition Terms and Conditions for full details.

The Prizes

Secondary Schools participating in the ‘T20 World Cup Trailblazers’ Competition will have the opportunity to win a range of exciting, money-can’t-buy prizes!

Grand Prize: The school who submits the winning entry to the ‘T20 World Cup Trailblazers’ Competition will be assigned as on official stop on the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Men’s Tournament Trophy Tour.

1st Runner-Up: The school who comes in second place will be provided with 30 tick- ets (25 child tickets, and 5 adult tickets) to go to a game in their closest host city during the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Men’s Tournament.

2nd Runner-Up: The school who comes in third place will be gifted an all-inclusive class cricket kit, including wickets, bats and cricket balls.

3rd Runner-Up: The school who comes in fourth place will be sent a personalised congratulatory video message from professional cricketers.

Success Criteria

The judging panel at the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 have created a success criteria to support students and teachers in completing the competition challenge.

This success criteria has been designed to enable students to participate in critical reflection and peer feedback activities throughout the creative process.

Campaign entries should ...
  • Describe how an inspirational figure transcended/transcends societal norms, expectations and stereotypes.
  • Illustrate the inspirational qualities and achievements of an inspirational figure in a meaningful manner.
  • Justify why a particular inspirational figure was chosen by detailing how this inspirational figure has inspired your group or class.
  • Show the means in which an inspirational figure was/is able to reframe problems into opportunities.
  • Display multiple interpretations of the meaning of inspiration.
  • Recount the steps an inspirational figure took to become a trailblazer (ei- ther knowingly or unknowingly).
  • Rationalise why this inspirational figure is considered a trailblazer.
  • Reflect teamwork and collaboration through careful organisation and presentation.
  • Demonstrate high levels of creative thinking and innovative interpretation.
  • Provide details of all research avenues and other relevant credits.
  • Celebrate women’s cricket and the contribution of female cricketers to profession.